1. Sales Commission Free!!
Typical Bahamian Estate Agents/Realtors charge 10% commission per sale
on Vacant Land.

2. Direct Contact
Interested parties can contact you via Direct Email, Direct Enquiry Form, Telephone or linked to your own web site.

3. Cost Effective Advertising
Listing your Land For Sale online is definitely the most cost effective effective advertising around today.

4. Worldwide Exposure!!
Bahamas Land Listings is available to the Internet Community 365 days a year, so someone may be interested in purchasing your Bahamian Plot of Land somewhere in the world in another time zone even while your asleep.

5. Easy Updates 24/7
You can modify your Selling Price, Land Description, Contact Details anytime within the 12 month Land Listing period without further cost.

6. Search Engine Promoted
Your "Land For Sale" page will be promoted to all the major search engines on the Internet.

7. Land For Sale - Page Logs
We log the number of browsers who have visited your unique "land for sale" page.

8. Set your selling price
You can set your own selling price OR you can obtain a Professional Land Appraisal. This Appraisal Fee is not included in the 12 month Land Listing Fee.

  How can I pay for my 12 month Land Listing?
You can pay for your 12 month Land Listing Fee with a VISA, MASTERCARD, SWITCH, AMEX, DELTA, VISA ELECTRON CARD. After completing and submitting the Land Listing Request Form this form will progress to the Payment Options page where you can pay for your 12 month Land Listing Fee, securely with 128bit encryption using PAYPAL.

How do I obtain a FREE PAYPAL ACCOUNT?

It's very easy to open a FREE ACCOUNT, simply go to their registration page by
clicking here

If I have a problem completing the online forms - can you help?
Yes, please email - clearly stating your problem and we will help with any queries you may have within 12 hours or alternately you can use our online Contact Form

How quickly will my LAND FOR SALE page be active?
We normally list between 12 and 24 hours.

Do I need a Land Appraisal before I list my Land For Sale?
No, you do not need an Appraisal. But we would greatly recommend you obtain one as this will value your Land For Sale correctly for the current market - as you do not want to under or over value your land yourself.

What happens when I receive an contact email from an interested buyer?
After obtaining confirmation in writing from the interested buyer, you then need to approach a qualified Bahamian Lawyer to complete the legal transfer of your land. The central land titles and Registry Office of the Bahamas is located in Nassau. Therefore, all land title transactions are submitted and registered in Nassau no matter which island the land is located.

What legal fees are involved in selling land in The Bahamas?
Generally 2.5% on first $500,000, reducing to 2% for the next $250,000 and further reducing to 1% for the next $4,000,000. In addition purchasers will be responsible for a per page charge of $3.50 for recording fees, and the cost of the purchase registry. No guarantee is provided that the cost information provided here is correct, and purchasers of land in the Bahamas are urged to consult a Bahamian Lawyer.

Are there any Escrow Agents in the Bahamas?
The Bahamas does not have any escrow agents. All handling of funds is undertaken by the Bahamian lawyer who has been engaged to undertake the conveyancing of the land.

Can you recommend a Bahamian Lawyer?
Halsbury Chambers, Counsel & Attorneys-at-Law, Notaries Public
Halsbury Commercial Centre, Village Road, P. O. Box N-979, Nassau, The Bahamas
Telephone: (242) 393-4551 Fax:(242) 393-4558 Email: info@halsburylawchambers.com

How do I modify my Land For Sale page?
You can modify your Selling Price, Land Description, Contact Details anytime within the 12 month Land Listing period without further cost. Simply, email any updates here
 - quoting your Land Listing Number.
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